Endotype Formula

The permission to live according to your unique design starts here.

Laura Hulleman

Creator of the Endotype Formula

Laura Hulleman

I imagine a world where everyone knows their unique design.

Can you see it? 

I see a world of people no longer hustling to be who they have been told to be. Instead, they have a full understanding of who they are, who they have been designed to be, and can build their entire life around that design. Individuals choose careers they loved and understand exactly who they are designed to serve. In that world, people respect each other’s differences and communicate with each other more effectively. 

You deserve to live in that world! 

I believe the Endotype Formula is the key to a better life for you and perhaps a better world. I see potential, beauty, and power in each and every one of us.  

I see it in you.

The truth is I probably understand you better than most people ﹘ maybe even better than yourself. I understand how you operate because I have the formula of YOU. I can access the components that determine your “zone of genius”.  I know the specifics that create the internal dialog and doubts that block you from enjoying your life. I know how you communicate and who you were designed to serve.

I want you to understand this formula. My goal is to empower you with an understanding of your true significance. The struggle and frustration you think of as normal can be replaced with peace and ease. After all, life is so much easier if all you have to do is be yourself.

Your first step to this understanding is to take the Endotype Formula quiz above. 

This could be the permission you’ve been seeking to start being YOU. 

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