Endotype Quiz

Your endotype is how you are designed. It predicts how you think, the emotional cravings you have, your natural superpowers, and how your body works. So much of your greatness and challenges are part of that endotype formula.

By knowing your design, you will find the understanding and permission you need to simply be yourself; no more, no less.

Do you like to take personality quizzes?

Here is what you need to know about ours:

  • This quiz is only four questions and takes about 5 minutes. We recommend that you consider the question slowly and carefully. If you are confused or stuck there is a video with most of the questions to give you more context.

  • All of the questions have only two options. You will be asked to choose between two options of how you naturally think. Some find this difficult because they feel like a little bit of both may be true. This is because you have learned coping skills and other ways of thinking as you matured. When answering questions think "How would my young self (in my teens and 20s) answer this question”?

  • What if I answer wrong? At the end of the quiz, you will see preliminary results. If these results don't sound like you, there may be one or more questions you struggled to answer. Simply start over and try the opposite answer. 

    Your endotype results will sound like you.

We hope you have fun exploring how you naturally think and act