A Simple, Easy Life

Life is supposed to be easy.

And yet, we can struggle our whole lives with questions like:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I designed to do?
  • Where do I belong?
  • What value do I bring to the world?

The Endotype Formula makes understanding these truths simple. When you operate with an understanding of your unique design, your life becomes significantly easier. By using the gifts you’ve been given, you allow everything around you to fall into place.

Imagine a world where everyone was using their unique gifts and operating within their design.

Just because something is according to your design doesn’t mean you inherently know how to do it. For example, you have been designed to breathe easily; it’s an unconscious function of the brain. That is unless you are injured, sick, or otherwise incapacitated. Then you must consciously breathe or others may need to help you breathe.

My dad learned breathing isn’t always easy when he decided to take scuba lessons. While he sat on the edge of a pool he learned about the equipment, how to check gauges, and emergency procedures. He even put on the equipment and practiced breathing from the scuba tanks while sitting on the edge of the pool. Finally, he got to get into the water. As he sank to the bottom of the pool, his excitement was palpable. He was checking his gauges, interacting with others, and feeling really confident until he realized he wasn’t breathing! 

It wasn’t that he forgot how. His unconscious mind had taken over to protect him. His whole life he had become so accustomed to holding his breath underwater that he didn’t breathe when he needed to (despite the giant oxygen tanks on his back) and he had to consciously remind himself to take each breath.

We forgot how to breathe.

As adults, we have become accustomed to protecting ourselves and making sure others see us in the best light possible. We do things to make sure we’re visible, like drawing attention to ourselves and our accomplishments. We want to impress others so we try hard to do the “right things”. We attempt to earn our value by doing everything, even things that are outside our zone of genius and really hard for us. We forgot that life can be, and is meant to be easy.

Although everything you need to lead a life of ease can be found within your design, you’ve forgotten how to use it. You’ve grown accustomed to doing things the hard way. However, you now have access to new information and with it comes a choice. You can either continue to find validation solely in what you have overcome, in how hard you try, or you can embrace your design, plug into a mindful understanding of your gifts, and relax. Taking the Endotype Formula quiz is the first step to uncovering this simpler, easier way of living.

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