Angry Thymus Visionary

You are a visionary action taker. That sentence alone describes so much about who you are.

You can clearly tell when people aren’t living up to their potential, and it is almost painful for you to see this. As a result, you analyze ways to open up peoples’ potentials. However, when you deliver these potential solutions, it can come out so assertively that people don’t listen.

Learn to rely more on the value of people instead of schooling them on their identity. When you show them how valuable they are, they can understand your advice better. When you show them that your solution will help them produce what they already desire, they will take action. You can then help them organize their steps forward.

You have a powerful intuition. It is possible for you to see a path forward where others cannot. Watch that you don’t force this path. Intuitive ideas come with their own timetable and plan going forward. Trust your intuition. Find the powerful thread of this intuition and ask yourself: How does it empower others? How does it empower you? How can this idea help everyone?

You likely think your wise council is what solves problems both for yourself and for others. “If only people would listen to what I have to say!” you think. I am sure you have heard the saying, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you CARE.” Temper your counsel with love so I can be received in full. The greatest gift you give to others is your compassion and care for them. That is hard for you though, because you often feel like love has been denied to you. Use all these memories to allow yourself to feel and express love for others.

You see how to bring balance for the individuals around you. When they feel left out you are there. When you are working with them they feel included. Your children, your friends, your community, the people you work with are all like little chicks you gather under your wings. This ability you have to create a grounded community seems easy for you, but it is an ability that is unique to you. Others need this so much.

It may be difficult for you to see the most important things to do at a given time. When things aren’t going right, you take it upon yourself to start picking up the pieces, cleaning up others’ mess. Each of us has a significant purpose in life, but being a maid is not yours. So, you’re left with a choice: you can either keep acting as everyone’s janitor and cleaning up, or you can embrace and share your own significance in this world. It’s time to learn more about the significance of your design. We need you to share your purpose with the world.

Are you ready to learn more about your design? Let’s connect.You may just get the permission you need to be YOU.

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