Angry Thyroid Manifestor

You are a vibrant, lovely, action-taker who is full of life. People immediately notice you as soon as you walk into a room. Truth be told, you don’t do a very good job of hiding. You wear bright clothes, you have a delightful laugh, and you may even get a little loud at times.
If all that is true, then why can’t you shake the feeling inside that people don’t see you, hear you, or “get” you? What if I told you there is nothing wrong with you, but that your thoughts are hijacking your brain and there is a way out?
You don’t do things small. Are you still trying to fit your shiny star of a life into a “normal” box? You have better things to do! And yes – those things do come with risk. But if you don’t take risks for your vision, you’ll eventually feel ready to burst out of your skin! What is your secret dream that you can’t seem to shake? Manifestors often desire to speak, write, or coach other people – all of which ways to share their truth as a way of opening up others.
As soon as you’re ready to chase this dream your “logical” brain kicks in. Your self-talk reminds you of your perceived limitations. “Who do you think you are? That dream is for someone else. Not for you! You don’t have a degree! You don’t know how to run a business! You don’t have perfect relationships! (insert your limitation here).”
The truth is, you are designed to help and influence people. You make people feel accepted and help them experience a sense of belonging. We absolutely need more of that in this world! When you see others being treated poorly or in an unfair way, you get fired up and want to step in. You might lash out and verbally challenge the perceived injustice.
You are designed to identify these injustices. But your purpose is not to challenge the status quo; it is to support those that feel marginalized. You help them see that whatever they fear they do not fear alone. You remind them that many have experienced whatever it is they feel ashamed of. You help them relate to others around them.
You are also able to powerfully manifest for yourself and others. Your intuition says, “This is what is needed.” You already know how to work, hustle, and slowly earn what you want. However, you can just as easily manifest exactly what you want. The reality is you can either continue to earn the things you see for yourself, or you can learn to materialize them into being.

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