Anxious Balanced Builder

There is a difference between what people say they stand for and how they actually live. Many people simply don’t comprehend that their words don’t match up with their actions. The Anxious Balanced Builder is excellent at examining people to discern those differences. What do you do with that information? There may be a part of you that says, “Who am I to be the one to tell them?”

However, this skill is part of what makes you unique. When shared in a compassionate way, this information can be vital to someone’s growth. There are undoubtedly leaders you love who have shared tough but important messages. How did they stand in their principles and compassionately share their messages?

When there is unrest or upset around you, it can be overwhelming. There is a part of you that just wants to avoid acknowledging the root issue of the upset. You may try to hide big emotions or tough topics away deep down inside of yourself. This doesn’t help your body. It can result in headaches, migraines, and hormone disruptions.

It will serve you better if you address these tough topics, using your natural talents to build powerful solutions. You may not even realize you have this is a power. This is part of who you are, not something you have to consciously engage.

It seems natural for you to work with physical things. You like to have your body, home, work area, and physical environment work for you. You make these spaces function optimally and feel welcoming for others. The hidden truth, however, is that you are doing this to create a place where you feel that you fit in. For most of your life, you have felt separate or other. While you can easily see the significance of others, you may sometimes struggle to see your own.

You are gifted with the ability to help people live more authentically to who they are. You lead them to the best version of themselves, and you take care to alert them when they are straying away from it. Don’t discount the value of these gifts just because they come naturally. Remember, you don’t have to add a bunch of tangible things to make your talents real. When you discount the value you can bring to others, it silences you from sharing your necessary gift with the world.

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