Anxious Gonadal Counselor

Always good for a shoulder to cry on, a loving smile, or a warm hug, the Anxious Gonadal Counselor Endotype is often seen as an incredibly kind person. Many are drawn to your sage advice. Helping others see their unique, beautiful selves is a skill that comes naturally to you. While you’re great at helping others discover themselves, have you ever stopped to consider what makes you beautiful and unique?

You are one of the Endotypes that must wake up on the right side of the bed. The way something starts for you (the day, a conversation, or a project) will often foretell how the rest of it will go. If you start feeling rushed, constrained, or unclear, things tend to quickly go downhill. On the other hand, starting with principled compassion or a clear way to help others allows things to flourish. Allow time to begin your days, projects, and efforts with some introspection.

You have a unique ability to make many people feel seen and valued. This is important to you and it bothers you that some misinterpret your actions. Some mistake your kindness for weakness and see you as “too soft.”

You often find yourself feeling like an outcast. When you feel that people might not like you or get along with you, these anxieties are reinforced. Don’t allow yourself to believe you are the outcast or that it doesn’t matter what you do. You matter a great deal to those you were designed to serve.

When you see oppression or abuse of power, it sparks a powerful but conflicting reaction in you. While you want to take action to fix the problem, comparisons or judgments can slow your reaction. Becoming critical and delaying action is not a solution to the problem. Rather than getting caught up in comparison, use your gift of insight.

People are naturally drawn to you as a leader because of your intuition. You make them feel included. Your ability to help people clearly see a path forward and create a vision of what could be is a skill set few possess. When you make full use of this skill set, you help people discover who they really are and what makes them amazing.

Often you are a reluctant leader. You don’t usually grab for power or command over people. But, people still gravitate towards you for affirmation and wisdom. You see the inherent value in people and are very protective of those you consider “yours.”

But, you also deal with serious impostor syndrome. Impostor syndrome is when you doubt your ability, accomplishments, and feeling like a “fraud”. Your internal dialog often says you are not doing enough or that you are unworthy of your position and accomplishments.

Instead of worrying about “doing enough,” commit to accepting people—including yourself—for who they are. Rather than trying to change people, try to find ways to develop them and what they have to offer the world. Doing this requires speaking up, something that might seem a bit scary. You may believe someone more qualified will speak up. But where does that leave you? Either you can choose to remain silent, attempting to trick yourself into believing you are not “the one”, or you begin to boldly own your vision forward creating a place for inclusivity. And, it all starts by just being yourself.

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