Emotional Pancreas Protector

Like an eagle spreading its wings in a storm to protect its young, you protect your chosen ones. Most of the time your quick and decisive action makes them feel safe and important. Sometimes it can create friction between you and those you’re trying to take care of. While in protection mode have you ever come across critical? Or perhaps over-reacted with unnecessary comparisons? Is this really accomplishing what you want it to?

You see the unique importance of everyone you meet. Because of the deep, empathetic nature of an Emotional Pancreas Protector, they often end up in a caretaking career (customer service, nursing, medical, food service, insurance, law enforcement). Your precise and organized nature also is of service in that type of work. You take care to do things in the correct way. One of your most valuable skills is helping people find their confidence and feel significant. You are always willing to go to bat for what is important.

You can also see others’ true nature. When someone is insincere or trying to put up a façade, you can see right through it. No one can get away with that kind of dishonesty while you’re around! Because you don’t want those around you to get hurt, so you carefully “police” these offenders. Remember to ask yourself, “Is this really my job here?” 

The same part of you that polices others can turn inward and begin to “police” you. That inner voice can be critical, harsh, judgmental, and shaming. It likely sounds like, “Who are you to …(do this, or that ?” or “You are just a … (inserting some limitation)!” 

If you were to separate from your external roles, do you know who you are? If you are not a parent, spouse, employee, community member, or congregant, then who are you? This internal voice you hear judge you is trying to warn you of this attachment to externals. When you are not trained to hear it correctly, it can leave you feeling separate and unseen. 

My dear Protector, it’s so easy for you to see the value of others, but you must remember that this includes yourself, too. Turn those eyes that see others so clearly back inwards. How can you remind yourself of your own value today?

Supporting others has always been your go-to solution, and it works to an extent. Most Protectors are naturally empathic. Can you sense when others are in pain, are angry, or are experiencing grief after a tragedy? You look around wondering what you can do. However, this search for a solution can cover up a deep inner problem.

In your life, you have been made unsafe by those who had power over you. Because of this, there is a piece of you that feels unable to change anything. You have gathered evidence your whole life that you are completely powerless. Would you like a perspective shift on this? Perhaps these times in your life have prepared you to step into a supportive role for others. You have the power to create a place of safety for them that you know is so important. This isn’t necessarily physical space. They feel safe because of you, not the physical place.

You discern well when it is time to step back and listen, or whether it is more important to step up and speak. To others, those words you speak are like a comforting blanket. You have been designed with this ability. How you can apply this gift.

All these superpowers that you possess come directly from your big heart. You feel that if you take care of others and do enough for them, then they will love you. You do not need to earn love. Your tendency to take others’ physical, emotional, and spiritual baggage is an overwhelming burden. It can cause you to isolate yourself from others so you can protect yourself or recover. Remember this is not love. You must face the choice to continue to carry the baggage of others and cause yourself pain or come to understand how you have been designed to help others. Unlocking your design can heal old wounds and free you. 

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