Energize Your Mission

Do you feel called to help others and create change in this world?

You are in the right place!

At a young age, we start noticing perceived injustice and just how unfair things can feel in life. There are things we notice at that age that become our mission in life. My mission started when I was just 16 years old. I was so excited to start my first job—I was hired by the same restaurant my mom worked in. She wanted to make sure each of her kids had a strong work ethic and were valued in the workplace. At night, I would come home with my feet hurting and my clothes and hair smelling like french fries; however, I was appreciated at work and absolutely loved that paycheck.

A year later, the initial excitement had worn off. After work one night, I was sitting with my dad in front of the TV. He worked long hours at a physically demanding job. He always came home tired, and he’d spend most of his weekend semi-comatose in front of the television. Thinking about how hard he worked made me pause to consider my current employment and what I wanted out of my life.

“You know Dad, I go to school and spend the entire week looking forward to the weekend. But once it finally rolls around, I end up working the whole time. I’m not having any fun.” He turned to me, looked me straight in the eyes, and said,

“Welcome to adulthood.”

At that moment, I realized that my parents worked so hard that they barely enjoyed their lives anymore. I started thinking about how many other people I knew who seemed to be on the same path.  I thought, “There has to be a better way!”

From that point on, I made it my mission to find that “better way.”  A way where I could do something I loved, help people, and still have time to enjoy my life and family. I wanted others to enjoy their lives too. For me, this mission included multiple career changes, self-employment in several different industries, and trying out network marketing a couple of times. Throughout all of this, I was always searching for a way to build that better life I knew had to exist.

What mission captured you?

When you started on your mission, you probably thought, like I did, that you could find the solution on your own. Eventually, however, after frustration and failure, it’s hard not to throw up your hands and admit you need the guidance of others. Your search for this guidance likely included reading books, seeking out experts, taking courses, and even hiring coaches. However, even if you followed these things precisely, it’s likely that you’ve had limited results.

seeking advice from expertsThis is because there’s a fundamental problem with following the advice of experts. They are teaching you what worked for them, how they achieved success. They’re teaching you what worked for their specific Endotype. Unless you share the exact Endotype, their advice won’t fit your needs. It’s not their fault they are delivering poor advice. They don’t realize that you have a completely different design and with it a different set of gifts, challenges, and obstacles to overcome. You might be saying to yourself: “If the experts don’t have the answers, who does?”

The answer to your big mission is already within you.

You have always had the answers you seek; you just haven’t been looking in the right place. The solutions to your problems can be found within your Endotype Formula. Whether you are building a relationship, a business, a career, or your whole life, things can quickly start to work when you begin building around your unique design. Life becomes less about stressing out at work to gain recognition and more about meaningful work that serves those that need you. Your life gains a sense of ease, flow, and fulfillment that you could only imagine.

You can either continue following the advice of others with frustrating results, or you can take action to learn how your design can produce all the results you ever wanted. It’s time to release the hero inside you by understanding your Endotype Formula.

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