Lonely Adrenal Interpreter

Your Endotype is the Lonely Adrenal Interpreter. Each Endotype has their own unique design. You’re able to take big concepts or pieces of data and break them down into their most practical forms. You instinctively store the most useful parts of information, and it’s likely that you’re a whiz at trivia and spouting “fun facts”.  


You value your principles, but you enjoy learning about new things -how people work, new kinds of science, or interesting ways to do business. Then, you look for ways to use the information to benefit others. If someone doesn’t understand a concept, you try to find a different way of explaining it. You rely heavily on your intellect.


However, there’s a secret under all those brains you possess: you use your intellect to hide your fear of not knowing who you are and sense of purposelessness. You feel like most people have a clear purpose, but it is so hard to pinpoint yours. You are good at many things and easily slip into many roles, but who are you without the disguise of brains and the character you play? You my love are beautifully designed to be YOU. No more, no less.


Others may see you as driven or determined, but you feel that you simply do what needs doing. You see how unique and important people are—they are all valuable cogs in an important machine. However, when others aren’t taking care of the important things, you may become increasingly demanding. Instead of giving in to this, try to remember the value you bring to their lives and work when you share your vision with them and remind them that they belong.


Although people rightfully see you as very analytical, your driving motivation is to help people. You care so deeply about others, and you find it difficult not to overreact when you see your loved ones mistreated. You can easily think of all kinds of ways to exact revenge on people you feel have wronged you or those around you. However, this kind of a reaction allows you to avoid feeling the full range of your emotions. This avoidance can allow your true feelings to fester, eventually exploding in a burst of unproductive and off-putting rage. Remember to honor your big heart; it will allow you to clearly speak messages of truth. 


You are an excellent listener who truly hears what people are saying because you’re able to cut through peoples’ words and get to the heart of the matter. You speak to others with honesty, courage, authenticity, and self-control. These qualities can be easily used to sell, train, counsel, or teach others. This is a powerful expression of your design.


When working with those that you value, you tend to deliver powerful messages to them. Sometimes you just know what is holding them back and limiting them from reaching their potential. You occasionally find yourself spontaneously saying things that you never thought you would say; only afterwards do you realize it was because it was a message they needed. Lean into this power. It will serve you well. 


You may underestimate or undervalue the power of your intuition. Although you can see the desired plan for your life, it’s easy for this to become clouded with doubt. These fears keep you from taking that leap into realizing your full potential. Either you can continue to live in the limitation of doubt, or you can learn to search for and trust that intuitive nudge. Trust the process–it will take you far.


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You may just get the permission you need to be YOU.

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