Lost Pancreas Captain

As a Lost Pancreas Captain Endotype, you always watch out for others. In social situations, people may assume you are an introvert because you tend to sit back and observe; however, you are not shy to speak up and take a stand when something needs to be addressed. Love is not just a feeling for you: it’s an action. Love is helping someone, moving a company forward, or creating structure where there was none. When you lead (and you often do), you do so with love. Because of this, you sometimes struggle before stepping forward and taking action. You must first decide whether it is your place to speak and whether what you have to say is important or as powerful as others. Dear captain, there’s no need to worry—what you have to say is powerful!


You are naturally charming and easy-going which allows you to fit into many social groups. Captains want everyone to have a place in their community and to feel included. When you see others excluded for any reason, there is a natural impulse to do something about it. Creating community and belonging can even become a crusade for you, sometimes leaving you feeling exhausted and burnt out.


As a Captain, you instinctively notice when there’s a lack of belonging in a community. However, it is not your duty to create belonging. Your gift is to help people understand their own special significance and embody their unique design. Sharing this gift can help them truly know that they belong, and this is why people respond to your leadership so strongly. Everyone can thrive when they can see their role in the bigger picture.


You may think your vision is the way to lead people. If they just understood what you see, they would get it, right? That results in you spending a lot of time and energy sharing the vision, sharing your knowledge, teaching how we can all get there. But this seems to have limited success. You likely know a strong stance is needed, a stronger presence. So, you look around for that person or group that has that stronger presence. You see from the outside that you maintain this vibe of strength and confidence. And yet inside … there is a fear that you are not strong enough, or powerful enough to create the change. You have gathered evidence of all your mistakes/failures and fear that these show your incompetence. 

You may think your vision is the way to lead people. You feel as though if they just understood what you see, they would get it! However, when you spend time and energy to share this vision, sharing your knowledge, teaching how we can all get there, you often feel like you have limited success. While your exterior exudes a vibe of strength and confidence, your insecurities about being strong or powerful enough to create change can cause you to cede this responsibility to someone else. These insecurities, however, are the fuel you need to do the work you were designed to do: empower people to be themselves.


You see people so clearly and holistically—not just how they want you to see them. This gift allows you to encourage and empower them to be themselves. You encourage them to honor every part of themselves—their victories, their failures, their genius, and their struggle should be embraced equally. You have a natural ability to help people do this, but it’s often hard for us to turn these gifts back onto ourselves. 


In order for your natural abilities to grow, you must also understand your value in the process.You must embrace your enoughness, no you must embrace your MORE THAN ENOUGHNESS. If you value who you are, you will pass along this self-worth when helping people discover who they really are. It is a choice you must make: either continue to discount yourself and what you do, or step into the priceless gift of how you were designed. 


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You may just get the permission you need to be YOU.

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