Lost Pituitary Intuitive

You are so great at expressing love through action. Doing things for others is a primary love language for many Lost Pituitary Intuitives. You can easily sense what others need, and you often step in to deliver it.

However, don’t rely solely on the power of your intuition to overcome your own challenges. Having a powerful plan or vision moving forward is beneficial, but it can also lead to feeling stupid if it doesn’t work out. Many Lost Pituitary Intuitives will refrain from moving forward without feeling like they have absolutely all the information they can find on what might come next; however, this causes them to get stuck where they are. It’s important to accept that there are some things that cannot be figured out in advance. When you get an intuitive hit, start moving in that direction and stay flexible. You can always correct your course as you go.

When you act, watch carefully that you don’t fall into all-or-nothing thinking. Doing something is always better than doing nothing. Sometimes, you may want to put off an important task until you can see it all the way through; however, this usually results in postponing action entirely. Ask yourself, “What are the 1 or 2 most important things for me to do today on this project?” Then, do them.

Taking care of your external needs will help to open up valuable emotional and mental energy. This includes your interpersonal relationships. Although you easily help others feel like they belong and are connected, it is so easy for you to pull away in your own relationships. Most Lost Pituitary Intuitives are searching for this feeling of “fitting in.” Because of your Endotype, however, you will never fully achieve this. That doesn’t mean that others are excluding you or don’t like you: once you accept that you will never find this feeling of “fitting in”, your relationships will improve. Acceptance this will silence so much of your judgmental self-talk.

All Intuitives have deeply held values. It is part of your design. Your values help you to identify the value in others. They also help you decide what projects, organizations, or individuals have worthy goals and dreams. However, these values can also cause you to sit in judgement on others or yourself. If you judge everyone strictly by your values and what you are capable of, you don’t honor how they are designed. Remember, other Endotypes see the world very differently!

When you see people as individuals with their own design and personal set of values, you are better able to help them. You can see that they are worthy of having what they want. After this, you can help them learn what it is they really want. This comes through acceptance. 

This will require you to speak your truth and to honor the ideas and thoughts you have about helping others. Many Intuitives will say, “You don’t listen to me!” and feel unheard by others. This is a big signal that you are not listening to yourself. Do you know what is driving you? What do you believe that you might not be embodying yourself? Where are you ignoring the internal messages of change? You may need someone to help you learn how to hear and honor these messages. Your ability to express the love you feel is in direct proportion to honoring your own voice. You can either keep cautiously living as you are, suffering the extremes and feeling separate, or you can start enacting the changes you want to see for yourself. 

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