Overwhelmed Thyroid Enhancer

Your Endotype allows you to enhance the lives and talents of others. You can see others’ unique gifts and help them navigate toward their full potential. By patiently educating others, you try to mold them into this unique vision you see. The problem, however, is that you don’t trust your own voice. You are not confident in the message you have to deliver, and you often choose to stay silent or communicate in vague or contrived ways so as not to offend. 


When you take action, it is because you see the value of something and want to help draw it out to its fullest. You enjoy involvement in projects, companies, communities, and people that you deem worthy. You may try to inflate your interactions with people who are part of these environments to show that you’re worthy enough to be there. You may inadvertently oversell yourself or your skills in order to maintain your confidence, but this can lead you to get in over your head. If others question the value of your guidance, you may be quick to overreact. Part of your brain may push you to act out in order to get the attention of others.


Your real gift is creating a space for people to be exactly who they are, but you shouldn’t assume they already perceive their unique individuality. Help people assess what is important to them and create a life firmly built upon their individuality and values. You tend to get triggered when you see power taken from others, but using your real gifts can help you empower people in these situations. 


Isn’t it odd, however, that you so rarely feel powerful yourself? Enhancers can become controlling in order to stave off feelings of powerlessness. Instead of jumping to this kind of commanding behavior, try to thoroughly paint a picture of your vision for others to see. They will be more likely to go along with you when they can clearly understand your motivation is to create harmony. In this way, you remain true to your instincts and create harmony in your life as well.


Thus, you have a choice to make. You can either continue to foster resentment within yourself and those around you by inserting yourself into their plans and grabbing for control, or you can recognize that you play one part of many. Doing just your part secures your place. When everyone acts according to their design, their relationships, communities, and partnerships flourish. Understand your skills and use it for this.


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You may find the permission you need to be YOU.

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