Powerless Balanced Conductor

Conducting is defined as “the art of directing the simultaneous performance of players (50-100 musicians) by the use of a gesture.” Conductors always operate a couple beats ahead of their musicians, and they have a clear vision of how the music will sound before a single note is played. With this vision the conductor then shapes the actions of their orchestra to fit within this frame. In your everyday life, you do much the same.


You are a precise, action first person. It is clear to you who people are. All this combines into a superpower; you can see the primary role of a person within a group. Relaxed Endotypes and those who don’t immediately see your vision can irritate you. Do you try to force others, or even try to force circumstances, into your vision? A more empowered path is to advocate for and empower those around you.

You are a precise, action first person, and helping others to thrive is a powerful motivator for you. All of these traits combine into a superpower: you can see the most efficient role of a person within a group. Unfortunately, this means that other, more relaxed Endotypes who may not understand this gift tend to irritate you. Do you ever try to forcibly mold circumstances and people in order to fit into your vision? While this may be your first instinct, a healthier path to realizing your vision is to empower those around you to help them play the part they were designed to play.


You’re generally quite good at figuring out who people are and how their talents can be used best. Remember though there is a fine line between training people, and starting to micromanage them. When people are not “stepping up” you may start to believe it is just easier to take on entire projects yourself. “This is who I am, I am the one that gets it all done.” While you may think this is necessary, it doesn’t benefit the individual, organization or communities you do this for. 


Use your understanding of the talents of those around you to allow everyone to contribute. Reveal for others the valuable role they play.  If people are not living into their potential, you may think that the solution to this is to just try your best to help them fit in. It is just as important if people are no longer providing value, to let your expectation of them go and allow them to move on to a new “orchestra.”


While you are good at doing, your true gift lies in your ability to empower others through communication and teaching boundaries. You listen to others in a way that allows you to read between the lines and truly hear what they’re trying to say. This is a big part of your genius. You’re also excellent at giving others clear, direct advice, and a plan for moving forward. Remember, just because you feel that this is easy doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable! Often what is easy for us, holds a key to the expression of our purpose. 


Is your life designed with you in the middle of it?  Conductors so passionately desire this. They dream, analyze and attempt to build this magnificent life, but are met with limited results and frustration. This activates one of the biggest fears for the Powerless Balanced Conductor. If you cannot “make it work,” you must be the problem. You secretly feel that others are unique and important, but not you. You worry that others will notice this also, so you overcompensate by putting too much on your plate, again. Please know, you do not have to earn your significance. It is inherent, just like everyone else’s. 


To fully understand your power, you must accept your own personal value. You can only fully realize this when you start to respect yourself. You can not love and serve others, if you have not learned to love yourself.  Either you will continue to try to hustle for this love by working like a maniac, or you can work within your design, honoring yourself and others. 


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You may find the permission you need to be YOU.

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