Powerless Gonadal Oracle

An oracle is a messenger, guide, or prophecy. As the Powerless Gonadal Oracle, you guide people towards discovering their unique importance. You may draw their unique dreams out of them, and you often brainstorm with them on projects they’re working on or ideas they have. Most would never guess that you feel like an outsider. 


Oracles want everyone to feel cared for, but they often struggle with feelings of rejection. Part of you helps others in hopes that they will accept you in return. If they don’t provide enough to silence your feelings of abandonment, you can quickly become anxious. It is common to feel as if you need to do a little more, then you will be part of the group. This is a belief that almost all Oracles have. However, not all beliefs are true, even if you believe you have “proof” of their validity. 


As the Oracle, many love and appreciate you generously sharing your genius. Your zone of genius is sensing the value of and inspiration behind ideas, projects, and people. You’re easily able to offer valuable guidance to people, and you tend to breathe life into projects that you’re a part of. While this comes naturally to you, it’s often hard for others to do this for themselves. Your gift of intuition validates them and their ideas. From there they can lean into struggles they may not have previously understood or find solutions to challenges they’ve wrestled with for long periods of time.  The role you play in that is so important.  


In business or personal interactions you are the ultimate host. You tend to believe you must over deliver to others. This too relates back to this feeling of isolation. If you just do more, then people will accept and love you. Yet you have a very high scale of what is expected for people who love you; almost unachievable. 


Lower the barrier to love and let others know what you need. People cannot read your mind. By being clear about how you wish to receive love, you can help both yourself and others better understand how to make your relationships productive.


Oracles tend to be somewhat paradoxical when it comes to taking action. While you are great at empowering others and joining their crusades, your inner self can easily slip into feeling powerless and anxious. This is most obvious when you are doing something for yourself or someone close to you; you tend to get caught up in overanalyzing everything. You cannot power your way through a challenge. Your gift is in your intuition. Notice where you feel drawn to act, then allow intuition to inform the path forward. Trust the process. 


Every single Endotype, in fact every single person has their own significance. Most Oracle Endotype’s are fascinated by others’ personalities, but often don’t like to discuss their own identity. There is a fear that their own darkness will be revealed. You like to hide it away by trying to do the “right thing” and be the “right person.”  You can continue to undertake this exhausting and futile endeavor, or you can learn how to embrace your whole self — all of the gifts and all the struggles. Only by stepping out of the shadows and into the light, will you feel the permission to be yourself. 


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You may just get the permission you need to be YOU.

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