Stubborn Adrenal Provider

You instinctively sense significance. It lights the way for you to align yourself with big ideas, important groups, and important people. Significance here is defined as an understanding that we are all important components of a larger system. You like to gravitate towards individuals and organizations that embrace their significance. You like to jump right in and look for ways in which you can build up and optimize these environments and relationships.


To you, being as knowledgeable as you can seems like the best way to build your value or address challenges; this could involve consulting an expert, aligning with a group, doing research, or seeking out training courses. However, this can sometimes leave you stuck in information-seeking mode, never actually taking action and using your newfound knowledge. 


Your core principle and deeply held values have likely been with you since childhood. Because these things are so important to you, instances where you’ve violated these rules stick out in your memory like open wounds. These can make you feel ashamed, and you sometimes wonder whether it’s your place to claim these if you’ve struggled with practicing them. Never fear dear one; we’re all imperfect. Nobody’s ever able to perfectly align their lives with their values. The point of these rules is to become more conscious of your choices and the consequences of them, and incorporate that knowledge into your actions.


Your relaxed style and somewhat spontaneous nature manifest through the ways you create and maintain relationships. You are very willing to extend your compassion and aren’t afraid to show affection for others. At times, others don’t always respond the way you think they should. When this happens, you tend to continue the relationship without being fully invested or abandon the relationship altogether. Ask yourself: are you clearly voicing your needs and expectations? Oftentimes, you are so preoccupied with your love for others that you do not communicate your expectations or set your boundaries. People cannot give to you if they don’t know what you need.


Most people wouldn’t know you as someone who holds back voicing their emotions, and you’re very easy to talk to. You love to brainstorm ideas that could help solve problems, and you do this very well. It’s important to honor this ability, but be sure that you don’t commit yourself to solutions that you cannot implement.


Protecting vulnerable people is important to you. If someone’s freedom or power of choice is being limited, then you step in without hesitation. Your first instinct is to ask lots of questions of both the aggressor and the victim. At your core, you know that everyone deserves the power to make their own choices. Do you ever wonder why that is so hard for you? When it comes to you standing up for yourself and your choices, you experience shame, self-judgement, and fear.


Pay attention to this self-talk that is coming with shame and judgement; if you remove these the underlying message there is still powerful. Allow your intuition to discern whether a given choice or action is in harmony with your values and your vision for your life. Your vision is heavily motivated by the desire to do right by both yourself and those around you. Hang on to this idea!


Many Stubborn Adrenal Providers fear that they’ll never be able to make anyone happy, and this can lead them to avoid making choices. When you put off making decisions or taking action, you’re choosing to disconnect from others and the world around you, and distance yourself from that vision you have for your life. This can start to destroy many of the meaningful relationships you have. You can keep doing this, or you can start reaching out to others, tearing down walls that you have built. This choice will yield a very different result. It allows you to build strong, long lasting relationships and reinforce your significance in their life.


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