Stubborn Pineal Clarifier

As the Stubborn Pineal Clarifier, you are designed with gifts to help others. You see when people feel like they don’t belong and/or are being marginalized. Doing your part to fix this is a big motivator for you. Have you noticed that the things we help others with are a struggle for us as individuals? There is a part of you that often feels different or as though you are outside of community. You have worked hard to make sure you keep up appearances. 


Every single person has a unique design. We need everyone’s individual genius and all the differences they present. You know that. Allow your desire to create belonging and community to filter through the question, “What is there for me to do right now? What is most important for ALL?” And remember, friend, ALL includes YOU. You are unique and important just as you are. 


When you see what needs to be done, you quickly move into action. You can educate and persuade a room when you speak. This, too, is in your design: Stubborn Pineal Clarifiers easily quote and attribute other authors, speakers, and associates. When you experience doubt, it is easy to copy others’ work. In doing so, however, you lose your true voice and authentic message. Others need you to take a stand in your own voice and through your own work.

You have a foundational desire to be of service. You do not do what you do for glory, but rather as an expression of love for others. You apply a generous helping of principled love in the guidance and advice you give. It is not about sugar-coating or holding back information to make someone feel good; it is more important to you that they know the truth if it will benefit them.  Love is your superpower. 


It is easy for you to see people as they really are. You may think it is your responsibility to serve them and their needs. It is not! Your skill of sensing who people are is there to help filter your desire to show them their worth. Clarifiers are drawn to finance, business, and concepts of money and worth. People benefit greatly from your humble guidance. You reveal to others their inherent worth, and this is a key part of your purpose.


Personally, you struggle to comprehend your own worth; this is your secret. To compensate for these feelings, you work harder and harder, hustling to earn a little more. It never feels like you have enough money, enough skills, or have created enough benefit. Brené Brown wrote, 


“Worthy NOW.

Not if. Not when.

We are worthy of love and belonging now.

Right this minute. As is.”


The search for worth doesn’t have to be a struggle, however. What if all you had to do was align yourself to serve others and surrender to a higher plan? Does the very idea of surrendering make you shudder? Your precise nature and clear vision might make it difficult to consider such a thing. And yet, that is what your zone of genius asks of you. 


When you surrender to a higher plan, your intuition heightens. Sharing this intuition with others is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. You can help others clarify their intentions, vision, and communication. Where there was no path forward, one suddenly appears for them. This is simple for you, but it is transformational for others. 


This is the gift you offer when you understand who you are. Here you face a choice.  You can continue to go forward as you have been and sacrifice your life, energy and self in service to others, or  you can begin to empower yourself with the understanding of your design.  When you are aligned with your design, the world will be a more loving, peaceful, easy and abundant place. 


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You may find the permission you need to be YOU.

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