What is the Endotype?

Your Endotype is the formula of you as a human.

As a human being, you are made up of your physical body, energy, deep emotions, and your thoughts. The combination of those four elements create who we are; they combine to form your Endotype Formula. Your Endotype is how you have been designed to operate.

I am the proud parent of two boys. Before I had my first son, I had a lot of theories and plans for parenting. I wondered how I would guide him and mold him into what I hoped he’d be. I asked myself how I would discipline him. I thought about what values and skills of mine I wanted to impart to him.

Then I looked into the eyes of my newborn son and all of my theories went out the window. As I sat gazing at him, interacting with him every day, I was amazed to realize he had his own unique personality from the start. He emerged with likes and dislikes, a sense of humor, a specific way of observing the world, and a unique way of interacting with people that had nothing to do with my guidance. I realized that my job was simply to guide him towards becoming the best version of himself.

You also came into this world with a specific design. The Endotype Formula reveals your design. This goes far beyond your strengths, weaknesses, or your brain functions. The unique aspects of your life give you an individuality all your own, but your patterns of action and thought are still predictable to your Endotype.

Your Endotype affects:


  • Your pre-programmed motivations
  • How you communicate, behave, and interact with others
  • Deep emotional cravings that most people don’t know how to satisfy
  • What patterns of thought affect your health and body functions (including body composition, ailments, and weight fluctuations)

Life experiences often disconnect us from living true to our Endotype. As children, we learn to assimilate and conform. To do what we are told we should do. To become who we are told to be. We attempt to appease our parents, classmates, and coworkers. To meet the expectations our culture places on us. In doing so, we become a disordered version of our Endotype. This leads to:

» limiting beliefs about ourselves

» negative self-talk

» imposter syndrome

» dark or intrusive thoughts

We say and think things about ourselves that we would never say to someone else. There is a part of us that knows this isn’t right, so we spend much of our adult lives struggling to banish these negative thoughts.

At the same time, we often discount or limit the innate gifts of our Endotype Formula design ﹘ gifts we were born with. We say “Oh, that’s nothing. That’s easy for me.” We come to believe that the only way to measure our success is by working hard and overcoming obstacles.

Once you know how your thoughts, emotions, energy, and body connect to one another, you gain the ability to be your authentic self. Understanding your unique design creates freedom, peace, and ease.

The first step is to take the Endotype Formula Quiz and get a glimpse into your design.

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